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Camping Ground Puncak Bogor

In the global competition era where industrial development is followed by rapid advancement of technology has affected organizations in achieving their goals, one of the effect is a tight competition among the organizations. That external condition urges the organizations to maintain quality as well as efficiency in guiding vision and mission to reach the maximum goals.

In relation with that, implementation of efficient and effective management in the organization must be done. One of that is to develop capability of human resources in order to be able to work maximal and professionally both individually and collectively. Human resources development is an effort to hone the way of thinking, behavior, character, response and attitude.

In addition, global competition era has also impacted to the environment where the environmental resilience not balanced with its capacity has led to environment quality in supporting human life..

Highland Indonesia, as a business entity engage in human resources development through outdoor activity see that to survive in the quality and efficiency an organization must do a comprehensive human development. One of the human resources development methods is Eco-Adventure Education learning method which consists of ecological adventure. This method is aimed to build “togetherness in the harmonization” of the organization.

In designing the program, Highland Indonesia® use some approaches including: 1. Adventure Journey; 2. Group Dynamic; 3. Problem Solving Process; 4. Generalizing; etc. The approaches are facilitated in the spirit of "Eco-Adventure Programs" and the program is categorized as Eco-Adventure Education or Eco-Experiential Learning.

“Togetherness in the harmonization with the spirit of Eco-Adventure programs” is the theme of Highland Indonesia in formulating the work program in 2015 up to 2016. “Togetherness in harmonization” is reflected in the management of Highland Indonesia® including the programs based on the value of “harmony and beneficial” in which the achievement is fully done with the best services, synergistic with satisfactory results.

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Camping Ground Puncak Bogor
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Camping Ground Puncak Bogor

PUNCAK, Highland camp - Starting from the Highland camp, since 2009 we have concentrated in developing and constructing training place which is based on the principles of ecological sustainability. The main purpose of Highland camp is to serve facilities for outdoor event organizers as well as to improve the welfare of the surrounding communities.

Highland Indonesia was established in 2010, this is due to demand that Highland camp does not only provide accommodation services for experiential learning programs and adventure education, but also take a role in facilitating the program. For that reason, on 12 December 2010 Highland Indonesia was established by setting up several working units i.e. Highland camp, Highland Adventure and Highland cafe.

Highland camp is a work unit that concentrates on accommodation development and program facilitation. Highland Adventure concentrates on the programs development and as conducting of Eco-Adventure Programs. While Highland cafe focuses on serving meal for events. All of the work units are well handled by professionals.

PUNCAK, Highland camp - Under the motto of “With Us Success become Tradition & the Green Place where Success become Tradition” Highland Indonesia supported by team with vary educational background such as management, communication, accounting, education, psychology, forestry and environment sciences with level of bachelor and master. In addition, there is also some technical support team with senior high school educational background.

Camping Ground Puncak Bogor

Highland Adventure team which is the spearhead in organizing program plays important and complex role and responsibility. Therefore the team has been prepared with trainings on technical skill, communication, empathy, responsive, as well as safety system so that they are credible and behave positively, high initiative and be able to supervise and giving good feedback to consumer.

In making improvement and human resources development, Highland Indonesia holds Training of Trainers (ToT) as a regeneration method of Highland Indonesia human resources.

To be an enterprise engage in organizing experiential learning activities under the spirit of eco-adventure programs and to provide services and performance based on collectivity and harmonization.

Vision Statement
To be a service provider in organizing experiential learning activities with the spirit of Eco-Adventure Programs to help achieving human resources potency comprehensively through best services in collectivity and harmonization circumstances.


  • To provide services in organizing outdoor and indoor activities that is facilitated with experiential learning material within the spirit of eco-adventure programs.
  • To provide good and comfort facilities for indoor and outdoor activities with beautiful environment.
  • To increase awareness and responsibility to environment and social improvement, as well as take a role in educating Indonesian human resources.
  • To increase consciousness in order to be able to play a role in preserving environment quality through ecological quotient (Eco-Q)
  • To increase sense of environmental values and social care.