Highland Adventure
outbound puncak bogor

a training activity conducted either indoor or outdoor. Team Building program is designed to help a group in building an effective communication line, to sharpen ability in problem solving, develop the decision process, interdependence, partnership, conflict resolution and accountability to build a solid and compact team. This program can sharpen the understanding about effective partnership building in a group.

This program can sharpen the understanding about effective partnership building in a group.

Like Team Building program, character building is a kind of training to shape the strong and professional personal character and morality. This training consists of improvement of thinking skill, behavior, character, response, and attitude.

A complex life becomes simple because it is done with excitement and joy, in the program complexity of real life simulated with various games and challenges, this could provide a new experience of the real situation.

This training program is effective to form an individual to play a better role when interact with the group or community.

Jungle survival programs can provide a picture and actions to take while defending life in extreme conditions with armed with knowledge, high spirit while trying and working hard in difficult situations.

This program is a form of training on facing difficult situations and conditions, the expected goal is that an individual can take the initiative and be able to get out of difficulties and challenges faced.

Paintball is a battle game with the object is based on “survival of the fittest”. In addition to stimulate adrenaline or just fun games, paintball is also good to train intelligence, accuracy and team strategy.

an outdoor activity facilitated with creative, educative, or recreational games. The contains of this program include:

  1. having fun together,
  2. foster familiarity,
  3. Improving internal
  4. communication,
  5. Leadership: keys for efficiency,
  6. Organizing, project management,
  7. Stress and conflicts within teams.

The programs are designed for all activities with several approaches, namely: 1. Adventure Journey, 2. Group Dynamic, 3. Problem Solving Process, and 4. Generalizing. Those approaches are facilitated within the spirit of “eco-adventure programs”. The program is classified into eco-adventure education and eco-experiential learning.

An outdoor learning experience that full of adventure and challenges to build group characteristics that are able to work effective, efficient and maximal as well as to build positive attitude in order to be afford to face the challenges and obstacles in a group.

Learn of that experience that will build strong character of individual and the understanding as social being to be a flexible and adaptive personality.

A kind of outdoor journey in a new situation will give new experiences. By this activity, participants will be supported to have their picture and personal quality in order to build their senses on social, ecology and personal concept environment.

Problem solving process is a method on solving problem in creative and innovative ways, where ideas and applications on problem solving is handled by positive, innovative and creative ways so the main problem could be solved well.

On this training, participants are expected to able on understanding and increasing their ideas on solving the problem; participants are supported to create their innovative and creative thinking on increasing their productivity.

Through this process, participants will learn how to change a problem become a challenge that will motivate them self, learn on appreciate the differences, concern and able to make a wise decision.

The simulation in outdoor will create conducive situation on forming the mental attitude, the way to think and perspective that are creative, innovative and positive on build the sense of community, sharing, tolerance and deep sense that will push the spirit, initiative and empowering pattern.

Four methods of the program are implemented on some activities like fun learning, attractive games, exited games, recreational, communicative, innovative education and other games that challenge our adrenaline. This program application is combined all physics activity, logical ability and emotions that will connect to the cognitive, affective and psychometrics aspect.

All those things are implemented on this program application package on the spirit of eco Adventure programs, as follows:

  1. Outbound Training
  2. Team Building
  3. Character Building
  4. Gathering ( family & employee )
  5. Junggle Survival
  6. Fun with forest
  7. Student Leadersip programs
  8. Outing and Gathering
  9. Family camp
  10. Fun tracking
  11. Treasure Hunt
  12. Paint ball

The Eco Adventure Program is based on the phylosophy “development b y challenge”, that by joining on this activity, will give you a sense of challenges that able to motivate yourself, increase the confident and your understanding on the value living.

Eco Adventure program is a combination of adventure education that is spirited by the learning on interpretation of the links each creatures on this world (or: ecology) that created harmony and the stabilization of the universe, this things are based on fact that nature has a big potential to supply all needs of each person or groups, and one of those is “nature supply the place for studying and the lessons materials”.

As the studying place, nature support unique services that could not be found on the human made facility like the beauty views of nature, environment quality, and the natural atmosphere that totally support the process on understanding of each lesson materials. Nature, as the lesson material not only provides lessons on science only, but also provides lessons on human living philosophy about the “role of human as a person, or in the global community to build close cooperation on this nature.

Not only to develop the human resources that have the emotions intelligence and character as individual or a person who has flexible and adaptive ability as social members, with nature as lessons materials so Eco Adventure program will give added value on the individual understanding to take a part on increasing the social life quality with ecology intelligence (Eco-Q)

Ecological quotient (in this case, questions means the ability on understand the information on knowledge, sensitivity and consciousness) which ecology questions push human as an ecosystem to manage emotions, mind, attitude and activity that closely related to cause and effect on nature. These things are implemented to the activity between human to the social activity that based on values on harmony and nature law itself. Nature harmony become priority things without decrease supporting value on environment to the basic right to live, develop, and do life exploration.

On this case, human that is put in the highest position on living creatures should have the character power as individual also the ability to be flexible person as social creature in their social live. Nature that present the place and materials should able to increase the intelligence on “cause and effect” to the human individual attitude on their role on social activity and harmony will be fully created.