Highland Cafe
outbound puncak bogorHighland cafe is a work unit of Highland Indonesia® that focuses on supplying and servicing meal for the program activities. This unit is managed by young and skilled professionals and has experience in the field.

As a professional, Highland cafe serve various menus with good taste created by experienced chef. The various menus is a result of national culinary exploration which is rich of special and unique traditional menus. In addition, we also serve menus from different countries to accommodate the diverse tastes.

Like others common catering companies, Highland cafe could serves menu and services for all activities. This can be seen from the available catering packet. However, basically we focus on the services for outdoor activities programs, indoor activities programs, and gathering event.

“Serving various culinary tastes” is the Highland expectation to share the culinary diversity and give the best services in the appearance, taste and the serving itself. There are five menus we offer in Highland cafe i.e. Rasamala packet, Mahoni, Damar Wulan, Mindi and Puspa packet where each packet has the uniqueness and distinctiveness both in the test and appearance.

In serving the dish, Highland cafe serve it in various packaging either traditional or modern. The modern packaging is usually used in formal activities such as indoor programs and training programs. While the traditional packaging is used for informal activities like fun adventure programs, outbound programs and gathering event. But it is not impossible to serve the dish in accordance with the customers will.