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As large as the eyes could see, over there is standing with the majesty Salak volcanic mount, the towering and powerful Gede mount and the beautiful Pangrango mount. Highland's camp« and office is located about 68 km northwest of Jakarta could be reached in two hours.

Highland camp« is located on 779 to 1003 m above sea level, administratively inside the Megamendung district, regency of Bogor with the coordinate of S 6.63785 E106. 91573

Jl. Curug Panjang (Pintu-1) Jl. Situhiang (Pintu-2), Megamendung, Bogor, Jawa Barat - 16770

Hotline : +62 819-1005-4000
Mobile Telkomsel : +62 812-1005-7000 | EG Klimanjaro
Mobile Indosat : +62 857-8000-2200 | Erik Prasetya
WhatsApp : +62 819-1005-4000

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outbound puncak bogor
outbound puncak bogor
outbound puncak bogor
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